about us
Damifierce is run by Damilola Ochang, who grew up in Nigeria and migrated to Canada in 2015. Growing up in various parts of Nigeria, I got used to seeing diverse fashion trends reflecting the many ethnic groups, religions and cultures in Africa. This blew up my passion for fashion. Upon getting to Canada, I found clothes to be very generic, with nothing in mind for the ecclectic woman, Dami found a niche that needed to be met, hence she decided to create her own fashion brand to cater for this market.

She enrolled in a fashion school and obtained a diploma in fashion design and apparel production, even though she already had a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension. Damifierce Pieces come in various sizes and compliments different body types and shapes.

She proudly says "if you want to be the most admired wherever you go, a Damifierce piece can help you achieve that. Contact Us today for custom pieces as well as ready to wear clothing.