Our Story

Dami-Fierce is a women’s wear clothing brand that infuses African elements into western styles.

The Dami-Fierce brand officially started in 2018 when Damilola Ochang, (born Damilola George) graduated from Fashion school in Canada and decided to start and grow her own fashion label.

The name “Dami-Fierce” was inspired by Beyonc√©’s “I am sasha Fierce” album where we saw her alter-ego come alive! Damifierce is a blend of me and my artistic persona. We are a fusion of two worlds. Our African Heritage and our new Canadian experiences.

All of our pieces embodies thoughtful designs, chique luxury and a reflection of new experiences which we live for.

Every Dami Fierce item is designed with you in mind – the modern woman who is very much in charge of herself. By putting African elements (fabrics, Textures, colours, patterns, or even contrasts) into Western styles, we create clothes that portray the outstanding elegance of the female form in all its glory.

Our items are very functional and serve both for everyday looks or for that special occasion.

We bring out the stylish side of you and make you distinct in every crowd.

Our carefully designed clothes are unique and are entirely made in Canada in a conscious and ethical environment.

Checkout our store to shop for a collection or contact us for a custom piece.